RiverMedia - Video production and Web development for the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area

Why RiverMedia?

These 3 cute boys are my sons

BFF? We can do better...

Friendships can be fleeting. The strength of any relationship requires commitment. At RiverMedia we are committed to going “above and beyond” for the long haul. Our client service and support reflects a commitment to developing a true partnership.

What We Do

At Rivermedia - our clients are the real stars

We Tell Your Story

A good story engages an audience. That's why we have an eye for partnerships we believe in. When we feel good about your story – you’ll feel good about the end result. We invest our collective experience to make sure your story connects with the target audience. You inspire us. We inspire others. That’s the power of true collaboration.  

Awards & Achievements

"They like me, They really like me..."

- Jim Carrey, "The Mask"

Impressed by a trophy case? Sorry. We've got ours in a box somewhere. In this box you’ll find the many Addy's awarded us by the Cedar Rapids Advertising Federation. There's our major media grant award from Humanities Iowa, and two major project grants from the Iowa Arts council. Not to mention tracks from the CD’s we produced that were featured on NPR's “All Songs Considered” and in a PBS documentary about the San Francisco Ballet. Stay tuned - there's more to come. Most recently, our film “The Entertainers” has won Audience Choice Awards for best documentary at more festivals than we can keep track of.