RiverMedia produces independent films. With one film short and one feature film to our credit, we always have an eye out for our next project.




RiverMedia has been involved with two film productions to date. "The Heroes of Parlor Town" is a short film that focuses on the role African Americans played in the evolution of American popular music between the 1890's and 1920's. The film was produced together with a two volume CD set with the same title that features contemporary piano performances of songs from this time period.

Heroes of Parlor Town Image of African American Musicians from the early 20th Century
Perfessor Bill Edwards seated in his ragtime room


The second film, "The Entertainers" is a direct outgrowth from "The Heroes of Parlor Town." Every Memorial Day weekend, ragtime players from around the country and the world gather at the Hotel Pere Marquette in Peoria, Illinois to compete for the title of World’s greatest ragtime player. The Entertainers is a feature documentary that follows six of the world’s best ragtime piano players as they prepare for the World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest. These talented, idiosyncratic performers represent a broad spectrum of the American experience, but they share one abiding love for ragtime and traditional jazz, the first great American music.



While RiverMedia has principally focused on documentary production, we had an unusual role in a short film that was a satirical look at TV sitcoms called "The Awkward Stage." We provided both acting and voice over talent, as well as script consultation.

Still frame from The Awkward Stage